Until recently, the cost versus the performance of a roof were the primary factors in determining which type of roofing material to use. Menards ® is your #1 source for all your steel roofing needs. Mueller's U Panel is made of 26-gauge commercial grade steel, which is heavier than the 29-gauge material that's commonly used on metal roofs. U PANEL BENEFITS: for 22 gage, 35 year warranted Kynar finished steel panels, picked up at our Indianapolis IN location! Formation On-SIte LLC has an overstocked supply of standing seam metal roof panels cut to your length as low as $1.85 per sq.ft. Whether you're building a new home or want to replace your existing roof, there's no better option than steel. Many homeowners choose to install a 29-gauge roof with trim that is 26-gauge, which can be more cost-effective than a 22-gauge roof. A 29-gauge model is thinner and will usually cost less than a 24-gauge. Tuff-Rib is our most affordable metal roofing system. for 24 gage, $2.38 per sq.ft. For example, corrugated metal roofing panels are the most budget friendly metal roof and can cost as little as $5,000-6,000 installed on a 1,500 sq.ft. Benefits of Higher Gauges The biggest benefit of having a higher gauge roof is that it is less expensive. Manufacturers set steel prices based on gauge, the thickness of the metal. These panels are also available in lots of great colors. The Cost of a Metal Roof. Georgia Rib Available in both 26 and 29 Gauges, Georgia Rib Metal Roofing Panels are a Durable, Versatile option for any Industry. 29-gauge metal is used on 90% of homes with metal … Contact us today for a free quote on our metal roofing for sale for next project! for 26 gage, $2.25 per sq.ft. Steel is the most affordable choice and more fire-resistant than other options. The 16″ Standing Seam minor rib roofing panels are designed as a vertical roof panel. Standing Seam Steel Roofing Cost. Concealed seam fastening system; Minimum pitch required 3:12; 16” coverage with 7/8” seam height; 26 gauge high strength galvalume steel Each profile is available in over 30 colours for 26 gauge, 14 colours for 28 gauge and 5 colours for 24 gauge. roof. Metal Roofing . So a 26 Gauge Panel would be thicker than a 29 Gauge Panel. On the on the upper end of the price spectrum are standing seam panels that cost as much as $11,000-15,000 for the same size roof. A metal roofing system is expected to provide a weather-tight seal against the elements, securing the internal areas of a structure. First, choose from four different steel panels: Pro-Rib ®, Premium Pro-Rib ®, Pro-Snap ®, and Architectural Premium Pro-Rib ®.Next, select from 25 solid colors or 5 architectural colors. Vertical seam steel roofing averages $3 to $4.50 per square foot. Sourced from Australia the new AM125 ( aluminum, zinc and magnesium) coating allows for a longer last sheet. Derek Wendelken: "Hello...I've read a post about 26 vs. 29 gauge metal; ..." - 24 VS. 26 GAUGE (9/19/2013) within the Product Selection discussion of the residential metal roofing forum A roof is one of the most important components of any building. Call 888.992.0005 Call 931-680-0001 *Florida State Approval Non-Structural Metal Roofing *Florida State Approval structural Metal Roofing *Impact Resistance (UL2218) Class 4 *Miami Dade Approvals : Section Properties & Load Tables *R-Panel 22 ga. 50 KSI *R-Panel 24 ga. 50 KSI *R-Panel 24 ga. 80 KSI *R-Panel 26 ga. 50 KSI *R-Panel 26 … Many times, you can install the panels directly onto an existing shingle roof, which can save time, labor and disposal costs. This style of premium metal roofing is designed to conceal fasteners creating a sleek, durable steel roof. A generous 36” coverage, category leading finishes, and high production volumes combine to ensure that everyone can afford a quality steel roof … Rollformed here in Trinidad and Tobago, these roofing sheets can stand the test of time.